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THIS PROCESS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! Nikki has provided microneedling service for the face since 2011!
Looking for an antiaging process that works. This is it! Total cell rejevenation.  
Clients say there is nothing they try for facial repair that works like this. There aren't any peels, creams or serum, not even laser comes close! AND PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK FOR MORE EVERY YEAR! Once wrinkles and brown spots are gone, you still get an amazing collagen boost each time which adds tons of volume!! This also reduces eye bags due to that same collagen boost as well as the fibro-blast stimulation which makes the skin regain lost elasticity. It just makes you more youthful looking period. Nikki also gets quite a few Aesthetician client referrals for acne scaring and deeper wrinkles they are unable to treat. Quite the compliment and validation of how well this does work!

Facial mirconeedling is the biggest tool one has in anti-aging. These is just not a cream or process that can regenerate skin cell turnover like it, especially with so little down time or expense. It can remove brown spots & wrinkles in just a few sessions. Creates better texture smoothing out years of damage. It is definitely a game changer. Nikki Thompson learned how to do this process for the face, after using it for over six years on the body for scars. She was certified in Las Vegas in 2011 to use the technique for facial rejuvenation. This is done with different equipment and gets better and faster results than the kind offered in medical settings due to the variables offered by the tattoo equipment. These photos are all of Nikki's clients. Most anyone is a candidate, although, some Ethnicities may have adverse reactions or hyper-pigmentation to the service.

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Nikki/Beauty Boss

Nikki Thompson

Nikki suggests one session once a month for 3 months to get optimal results, but it will not hurt you to do this monthly. As long as you wait 30 days between sessions. All natural. The only people who are not good candidates are those with a doctor that says "no" or  some ethnic backgrounds whose skin have a tendency to hyper-pigment (darken) due to injury. Do not try this, it is a type of injury.


  • $175.00 per session for facial microneedling

  • $225.00 per session for the Neck (Under chin to top of chest)

  • $500.00 per session for the decoltage (colar bone to colar bone to top of breast)

  • $75.00 discount applied for 2 areas together the same same day. Limited time offer- ask at the time of booking please