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The way it works is very simple!! A topical anesthetic is applied first to numb the area. Then, Nikki will use very fine needles to create enough of an injury to force the skin to heal. As it heals, it fills in any imperfections and smooths out areas damaged from acne, injury or stretch marks. On scars, the process breaks the tissue down and as it reforms, it comes back smooth. The process stimulates collagen as well, which we all know gives the skin an over all boost we are all looking for.  Nikki started using this technique in 2005 on scars, after she became certified in scar repair. This application is used on the face for fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and over all better skin texture and rejuvenation since 2011 and after additional education and certification. Check out the before and after photos on the Areola and 3d nipple page, there are many more examples where Nikki has used microneedling to repair the scars.

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Nikki/Beauty Boss

Nikki Thompson

Nikki suggests one session once a month for 3 months to get optimal results, but it will not hurt you to do this monthly. As long as you wait 30 days between sessions. All natural. The only people who are not good candidates are those with a doctor that says "no" or  some ethnic backgrounds whose skin have a tendency to hyper-pigment (darken) due to injury. Do not try this, it is a type of injury.


  • $175.00 per session for facial microneedling

  • $225.00 per session for the Neck (Under chin to top of chest)

  • $500.00 per session for the decoltage (colar bone to colar bone to top of breast)

  • $75.00 discount applied for 2 areas together the same same day. Limited time offer- ask at the time of booking please