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 PARAMEDICAL: Micro-Pigmentation | Skin Color Camouflage 

Having any obvious areas of pigment loss can make you feel self conscious. You don't have to!  Nikki Thompson can help. Color can be replaced via tattooing in many instances. This type of tattooing is called micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or paramedical tattooing. Sometimes even vitiligo can be corrected, although that doesn't always work or can take many sessions to get color to stay. Nikki has found that multiple sessions of microneedling to stimulate one's own melanin production is the best treatment for vitiligo. Any de-pigmented skin has more trouble holding color due to the absence of melanin. Normally that helps the color "stick". When there is nothing there to bind to, the color can come back out. For vitiligo, if after 3 sessions of microneedling, color has not been stimulated then it is appropriate to add color via tattooing. Prior to adding color to any de-pigmented area it is also necessary to microneedle the area first. This is because often the needle stimulates the bodies natural production of melanin, which would make the color too dark if both occurred-tattoo color and natural production. A minimum of 30 days is required after microneedling before adding color. That is to see how the body is responding. Also, microneedling creates an even surface for color, much like preparing a wall for painting. Coloring of the skin via tattooing is very doable. Just proper stages must be completed for the very best results and outcome. 

Microneedling alone can be used successfully to break down scar tissue, keloid scars and stretch marks. Please see the section on Microneedling for skin repair. On ethnic skin in particular, (possible for caucasians as well, though less likely) there is always an unpredictable risk of hyper-pigmentation. Nikki cannot predict who this may happen to unfortunately. A test spot can be done for anyone on any area for a small fee if you are concerned in the least of how your skin may react, please schedule that with her. Ironically, microneedling can also repair hyper-pigmentation. Please see the before and after photos in "microneedling for skin repair". 

An in-person consultation or at a minimum - some good photos, are needed to give you an accurate estimate. Prices for micro needling or coloring scars & stretch marks are priced on an individual basis after a consultation with a minimum of $200.00 per area, per session. Additional visits - pricing remains the same. A minimum of 2 visits is to be expected. Touch ups on cosmetic work are a predicted need, so a fee is charged. A procedure plan is developed for each client with the stages recommended as well as cost. 

Stretch Marks corrected by Microneedling only

Stretch Marks corrected by Microneedling only

Before and after stretch marks micro-needled only-no color tattooed in. This is exactly why Nikki does microneedling prior to adding color to any de-pigmented area. The needle can stimulate the bodies natural ability to produce melanin.IF the body adds color and pigment is tattooed in, it will be too dark. For many people, color will not be necessary on stretch marks in particular. They are actually a type of scar. And scar repair with microneedling is often all that is needed. Always less maintenance moving forward. As tattoo color is high maintenance. Please see the entire section of scar repair via microneedling to see many more examples. 

All corrective microneedling is priced by an individual case. Starting at $200.00 per area, per session. This microneedling is vastly different than the kind provided in medical settings. This process was developed by a cosmetic tattooing specialist and utilizes a much more powerful tool with needles giving better and faster results. Nikki has used (was certified then too) this technique since 2005.