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Reviews mean a lot to us here at Nikki's Tattoo Studio & Nikki Beauty Boss has many to speak of! If you ever have doubts about what kind of service you will get here, tattoos, scar covers, permanent makeup or paramedical procedures, just browse through the many reviews given to us throughout the years.

Thank you so much from Nikki & Jewel

2023 Reviews

Nikki is an expert!"

1-9-2023 - Desiree

Lip tattoo - natural looking, beautiful, lip color pop. I went to Nikki’s Tattoo shop to get my lips tattooed. Very happy with the result. My lips were the same color as my skin and she tattooed them a pinkish/ red/ brown very natural looking color. I brought my lipstick and lipstick and she matched perfect! First few days the color is way more intense and then fades and then by week 2, it is perfect. Highly recommend.

GOOGLE REVIEW 2023 Savannah

Had an amazing experience with Jewell for my tattoo yesterday. She was great in helping make my design exactly what I wanted. The color came out amazing and she is a great person to work with. I strongly recommend her!!

2020 Reviews

Jewel was a “Peach” She was great. I talked the whole time I was in the chair. She wasn’t phased by it and trucked on regardless of having to chit chat the entire time. Will definitely let her do another tat.

12/23/2020 - Bilbo

I always enjoy my visits with Nikki. I appreciate her knowledge, patience and her great personality! The work she has done for me is life changing and I cannot thank her enough.

10/1/2020 - Donna
2017 Reviews

I am so pleased with my cross. Jewel did a great job. Pretty sure she is Wonder Woman.

5/10/2017 - Christina

Very sympathetic to a first time tattoo client. Really love the beautiful design and though it was uncomfortable, I'm excited to come in for the finishing touches!

5/6/2017 - Shannon

Overall my experience was great and I absolutely love my tattoo.

4/17/2017 - Kim

Very impressed with the time Nikki & Jewel spent explaining their methods and...... can't wait to have my permanent makeup done.

4/4/2017 - Carol

Jewel is great!

3/21/2017 - Lloyd

Nikki is an amazing artist!! I haven't had a tattoo in about 23 years and although I was nervous she made the experience very easy and the final product was exactly what I wanted!! I will definitely return and send others!! Check her and Jewel out!

3/18/2017 - Sheree

Jewel does awesome work!! This is my 3rd and next week getting my 4th from her. I have 2 more but love the ones by her!!

3/10/2017 - Suzann
Thank you Jewel for a great tattoo experience. It's beautiful! Be back soon for more!
3/9/2017 - Lloyd

Great experience. I will come back and happy to spread the word to others. Thank you!

3/3/2017 - Unknown

Great job Jewel. Thanks!

2/14/2017 - Julie

Happy eyebrows this morning - thank you - see you in 4 weeks

2/8/2017 - Linda
2022 Reviews

Nikki is the absolute best! Her place is clean and she and her staff are the utmost professionals! Her work helping those affected by breast cancer and scarring is to be commended! Thanks for all you do!

GOOGLE REVIEW 2022 Michelle

Nikki is a true artist and an expert in her field. She has custom designed my tattoos, plus covered an old tattoo. I wouldn’t go anywhere except to Nikki and I always recommend her.


Beyond professional great design and tattoo work. Highly recommended!


Nikki is awesome.. she customized my tattoo to me. She listens and is truly an artist.


I love Nikki's Tattoo studio. I get all my tattoos there, my family does as well. Nikki and Jewel are great. The studio is clean and the atmosphere is professional, yet laid back and not pretentious. I get so many compliments on my tattoos and I always refer people to Nikki's. I won't go anywhere else for my ink.


Got a Clownfish tattoo from Nikki and it looks great!!!


This is the BEST place to get a tattoo and cosmetic tattoos! Owned and run by women, you will be well taken care of by knowledgeable artists who are passionate about their work.

10/28/2022 - Tonya

Jewel was very sweet and understanding since this was my first tattoo. She understood my anxiety and helped me feel relaxed. Love my tattoo and would recommend Nikki’s to anyone!

8/8/2022 - Teresa
2019 Reviews

I’m very happy with my results/eyeliner!! In addition, the environment was most inviting and warm. You Nikki, are a true gem😊. Merry Christmas and God blessings to you & your family🙏🌲

12/21/2019 - Joni

Jewel was AMAZING 1st time getting ink her touch & design was PERFECT if I decide to get another 1 there is NO DOUBT where I will go NIKKI'S TATTOO

11/24/2019 - Kellie
2016 Reviews

It was my daughter getting the Tattoo but I watched as Nikki did a fantastic job!!!

12/11/2016 - Sheryl

We always have a good time with nikki&jewel. thank you

12/10/2016 - Rose

The design is very cute, thanks for the extra effort, and it didn't hurt!!

12/9/2016 - Sheila

Love this place!

12/4/2019 - Lindsay

Jewel is awesome!

11/27/2016 - Kendra

Love this place!

10/16/2016 - Jo

As always great work done by Nikki on my wife and I. thank you

10/12/2016 - Rose

My arm looks great because of the great work that was done on it. thank you Nikki

10/4/2016 - Rose

It keeps switching faces. Nikki was great as was everything else!

9/21/2016 - Stephen

Thank you Jewel, love my Starfish!! See you next summer! Bye....Joyce

9/9/2016 - Joyce

Easy experience

9/4/2016 - Debbie

Nikki is just great!!!!

8/19/2016 - Joyce

Jewel, was professional, gifted, and sweet. I'll be back..

8/19/2016 - Terry

Some one who hears their customer without imposing .

8/18/2016 - Puneeta

Thanks Jewel! Another image to cherish

8/6/2016 - Amanda

Nikki is very professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain everything and made me feel very comfortable.

8/4/2016 - Ginger

nikki thank you for doing such a great job on my sleeve it looks great I will definitely be back for more work! Thanks Nikki!

7/28/2016 - Rose

I will definitely be back for more work! Thanks Nikki!

7/27/2016 - Puneeta


7/14/2016 - Glenda

Jewels was great! Love my newest tattoo! Beautiful lines!!! Jewel made me feel at ease and I am very pleased with the tattoo she did for me!

7/7/2016 - Karen

As a male customer having my brows done (for the first time) - I was very nervous, but Niki made me very confident in the procedure and really listened (and answered) my concerns with a warm personality

7/1/2016 - Shaun

Great work done on my sleeve.could not tell I was getting a tattoo done compared to the stuff I had already had. thank you Nikki

6/29/2016 - Rose

I've been to other tattoo studios and none of them compare to Nikki's. Can't wait to see what she comes up with.

6/22/2016 - Charles

Great work from a great artist. Jewel is an awesome person to work with!

6/5/2016 - Unknown

Excellent. Will definitely be returning :) Cleanliness

5/29/2016 - John

I LOVE NIKKIS TATTOO STUDIO! Best place to go in Charlotte.

4/14/2016 - Grant

Have had all good experiences each visit.

3/28/2016 - Caroline

Everything, as always!

3/17/2016 - Patricia

It was all great!

3/16/2016 - Mary

Jewel is AMAZING!!!! I will never go to another tattoo place again. They have a customer for LIFE!!!! Thanks again for amazing cover-up on my arm.

3/14/2016 - Tammy

Just love the way I am treated and the company

3/1/2016 - Robin

Having a very good experince with the work. Would tell others about the good work.

2/25/2016 - Caroline 

I personally loved it, I was happy with how I was treated and overall it was a amazing time. Friendly Service

2/20/2016 - Michael

Awesome people and Awesome Art!

2/13/2016 - Matthew

Nikki's work is outstanding. I have been so pleased with dry needling and permanent makeup. Nikki is an artist and I will continue to be her client. Very friendly environment with Nikki and Jewel. My visits are the best!!!

2/11/2016 - Tessa

Awesome! Love the new shop, you guys are the best! Will be seeing you soon! Thank you so much!! Over all wonderful experience, will see you soon! Thank you !

1/27/2016 - Unknown
2021 Reviews

Nikki is amazing. Her work is hands-down the best! All the artist rock! The environment is calm and inviting. Jewel is always friendly and helpful too!

7/28/2021 - Sonja

I just walked in to get my first tattoo ever. They were very accommodating and answered all my questions and made me feel at ease Was a great experience and I’ll be back for sure!

4/23/2021 - Michael
2018 Reviews

I now have great eyebrows!

12/24/2018 - Tyrus

Thanks again, Jewell! Love my new tattoo.

11/15/2018 - Edward

Had a great time!! Great tattoo artist that has great steady hand and touch !!

11/3/2018 - Debra

Everything about Nikki's tattoo studio was amazing. Thanks to Jewel for my first tattoo. You did an amazing job!!

10/23/2018 - Nicole
2015 Reviews

The whole experience was great, considering. Nikki was great, tolerating me with my first tattoo.

12/25/2015 - Todd

Good people and do good quality body art!

12/23/2015 - Christopher

Nikki and Jewel are top notch artists and very genuine people. 10/10!

12/12/2015 - Nicolas

Y'all do beautiful work on the tattoos and the facility is a nice and comfortable environment. Excited to see the new location!

12/11/2015 - Matthew

Eased my fears!

12/4/2015 - Angela

Get all my tats at Nikki's! Recommend them all the time! (Including the girl that cut my hair after I got my tattoo. Jewel is the best! Thank you! We ALL have ADD.

12/3/2015 - Unknown

Love this place!

12/1/2015 - Courtney

Thank you!  I love my eyebrows!

10/27/2015 - Rhonda

Nikki does a great job on the permanent make up. She really knows her stuff.

10/25/2015 - Nicki

Very welcoming atmosphere. Nikki is great.

10/14/2015 Jean

 Jewel, and her work are both Amazing!! I will be back again!!

9/19/2015 - Michelle

Great people and good work!

9/18/2015 - Christopher

Got my first (and second) love them both! Thanks Jewel!

9/17/2015 - Alisia

From the beginning to the end .... when I entered inside this franchise of Nikki and meeting Nikki ..... it was amazing! I felt the warmest inside my heart when I was greeted by the one in only Nikki 😄 I felt welcome & warm inside ... I thought to myself today is a good day .. today was my 1st concentration with Nikki. Nikki was concerned about me, asking how did I get the scar .. As I was explaining my life to her I would find myself getting so emotional .. But Nikki she just stayed tuned in to a new client and also focused on my journey when I was young as a child ...Nikki listened to me and also Nikki was hearing me cry as I held a conversation with her telling her about ME!! Nikki ask me what I had in mind that I wanted her to Tattoo I said I want something sexy because I'm turning 5-OH this November I want to be FABULOUS

9/9/2015 - Linda

It was an awesome experience & they both made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

9/7/2015 - Unknown

Best service out there! Nikki and Jewel are so knowledgeable and the best part is they love what they do. I tell all my friends about them! Thanks guys for the great work!!!

8/21/2015 - Grant

Wonderful conversation, I love talking with the ladies about getting the tattoo just right.

8/19/2015 - Thad

Friendly, gave me answers & was helpful & did great work!

8/9/2015 - Donna

I am very happy with the tattoo and the experience!!
Thanks so much!!

7/31/2015 - Unknown

First tattoo... Great experience

7/26/2015 - Judyth

Jewel is amazing. Definitely an asset to this business!

7/26/2015 - Unknown

My first experience. I was surprised at how fast and relatively pain free it was! had an idea of what I wanted and Jewel did a great job helping with the design. Very pleased.

7/21/2015 - Rosemary

Nikki really did a great job on my eye brows.

7/13/2015 - Nicki

Return customer. Would not think about going somewhere else.

7/7/2015 - Lorraine

Jewel was my artist. She did exactly what I wanted & she put my mind at ease about the color selection and placement. Nikki knew my situation & she gave me her sincere condolences about my sister passing. I had to get our planned tattoo alone instead of as we'd planned, together.

7/4/2015 - Chadwick

Nikki is a blessing!! She is not only professional, but is kind and truly interested in making sure she meets your individual wishes!

7/2/2015 - Terrell

Very reassuring considering it was my first tattoo. Love the results.

6/18/2015 - Unknown

Jewel is Awesome too!! Love the extra creativity of you guys!!

6/13/2015 - Unknown

Nikki is awesome and her artistry is even better. My Tat is fantastic!! I Really enjoyed seeing and talking with you yesterday!

5/10/2015 - Dave

My daughter and I had a great experience there for never being there before. Nikki was great to talk to and Jewel was fantastic!  She did a great job with making suggestions and did a great job on the tattoo. Definitely plan on going back!!

5/6/2015 - Brandon

The work Nikki does is so beautiful ! A true artist,  I've had so many compliments on my tattoo.  I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again.

4/18/2015 - Sherry

This was our first time at the studio and we loved it! We will definitely be back!

4/17/2015 - Kacie

Love Nikki, she does a wonderful job! :)

4/3/2015 - Unknown

Great people! Very comfortable atmosphere. Would definitely recommend!!!!

3/27/2015 - Olivia

Really love Nikki's work, her level of professionalism. She is passionate about her art, and is always raising the bar by learning new and amazing techniques to give us a better experience. Thanks Nikki

3/26/2015 - Mary

Nikki is great!

3/14/2015 - Mary

Jewel is amazing!

3/6/2015 - Unknown

Nikki is the most wonderful person to be around. She made me very comfortable and is a pleasure to talk too.

2/27/2015 - Douglas

Ladies if you're looking for permanent beauty. I found the place. Had mine done years ago and was never satisfied. Nikki has had to fix someone else's mistakes. She is the BOMB baby! Thx Nikki.

2/14/2015 - Elizabeth

Jewel is amazing! She keeps me in conversation and I am never in too much pain! She has a customer for life!

2/13/2015 - Unknown

Love Nikki ~ she did a great job on my "virgin" tat experience and I will def be back again :)

2/1/2015 - Unknown

Awesome experience! This was my second tattoo by Nikki and I can't wait to come back. Beautiful artwork by a gifted artist with a special touch and a genuinely sweet personality. I will refer Nikki's to everyone I know and anyone who asks. Thanks, Nikki!

1/24/2015 - Unknown