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 Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is a very popular choice for Permanent Make-Up (PMU)  and especially for those who suffer from allergies or who have a hard time applying make-up, permanent eyeliner comes in a lot of colors, styles, & thicknesses. An eyelash enhancement can also be done if actual lining seems too drastic. Two styles can be applied:  Dots between lashes or a very thin crisp line in the lash bed.   Below are examples of those 2 styles.

A common question asked "is there pain involved?".  Promise, Nikki Thompson knows how to use topical aestheticcs for maximum comfort.  The most common comment during application is "Oh, that feels like a weird tickly vibration!"  Unless noted, all photos on this page are of healed results, a truer depiction of the work. 

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Check out this video to see how Nikki Thompson applies permenant eyeliner ...