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Tattoo Shop Etiquette

  • Is it okay to bring somebody with me to get my tattoo?
    Absolutely, you'll feel more relaxed if you have someone familiar with you. May I suggest you bring somebody who is going to be supportive & positive with your decision to get a tattoo.  back to top

  • Is it ok to get work by another artist in the shop? Not my "regular" artist?
    It's ok. We are not going to be offended we wouldn't want to work beside another artist we didn't think did a great job too. We also understand schedules sometimes don't work out, or you just want to try somebody else. It's cool.  back to top

  • Should I tip, or is that included in the price?
    A tattoo is a service. We realize tattoos are expensive and it is certainly not required but is always greatly appreciated. A lot of expenses are associated with our art so a lot of what is paid to us goes back into assuring you are staying safe. Plus many times your artwork that is going to become a tattoo is created outside our work hours. Sometimes that tip makes us feel like going the extra mile for each client is appreciated. In situations where you just can't tip, just enjoy your tattoo and refer as many people as you can to your artist.  back to top

  • What if I don't like a drawing an artist does for me?
    Tell them, be up front. Anytime a design concept is not to your liking or you just change your mind, say it. You will have this rest of your's time to communicate. If you don't like our concept, we won't be crushed promise, we'll just take it back to the drawing board.  back to top

  • I'm out of work sick, I think I'll use the time to get a tattoo?
    Please don't be this person EVER. It happens every winter. Not only do we not want your germs everywhere, but if your immune system is challenged you want heal as fast. Plus cold med. Will make you bleed more. Please just reschedule.   back to top

  • If I got a cheaper price somewhere else will you match it?
    No. All artist base price on time and materials that will be needed. Any service provider who devalues their work in any industry, probably won't give 100%. Tattoo's included! We try and have the fairest price for you and ourselves. There is allot of time, materials and effort that goes in our work that the client never sees. But trust. We want to give you the best price we can, but this is our livelihood- not a hobby. And sometimes people are comparing apples to elephants. The 20 year old apprentice who has 6 months of tattooing under their belt SHOULD charge considerably less than the seasoned professional of 20+ years because there will be an obvious difference in the outcome.   back to top