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Tattoo After Care

Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

If it seems like every tattoo artist has a slightly different version of after care, you're right. We all tattoo a little different, so experienced artist over time develop a method that works best on their work. The outline below is what Nikki's Tattoo Studio recommends. We don't have to do much touch up work at all so it works well.

These are the recommended care instructions for your new tattoo. The tattoo will heal no matter what you do to it. But, keeping the tattoo looking like the day it was done in an easy way is the goal. Remember, each body part can heal differently and different times of the year, our skin is drier or moist on it's own. So that really needs to be taken in consideration. 

Your tattoo should be completely healed in about 10 days to 2weeks. This all depends on size & location of your tattoo and your physical condition & age.

  • 1 to 2 hours after you get tattooed remove bandage & discard. Don't re-bandage.
  • Remove any dried blood now to prevent scabbing by washing gently with soap & water.
  • Keep tattoo barely moist with an injury healing ointment (This could be A+D, Bacitracin, or Aquaphor.) WE DO NOT recommend Vaseline, Neosporin, Tattoo Goo or H2Ocean spray). for the next 24 hours at the most. When you shower, simply wash the tattoo too gently w/your hand, and reapply .  Use very little & rub it into tattoo. Do not to saturate the tattoo with moisture. It needs air to heal. Too much goop doesn't't't let it breathe
    Only add moisture to the tattoo if it feels sore, raw or tight. If it's not feeling like anything, leave it alone & let your body do it's thing. 
  • After 24 hours, discontinue use of any thick ointment or petroleum product and start moisturize the tattoo w/ lighter hand lotion.  Lubriderm fragrance free lotion works really well.  If you choose to continue using A+D or Aquaphor- be sure to really rub it in.
  • DO NOT use medicated ointment like Bacitracin past the first 24 hrs.
  • Dead skin forming over the healing tattoo is very normal, don't pick it let it come off on it's on. It will look like a piece of plastic & may cause tattoo to look "blotchy or faded" it will come off during healing & tattoo will be beautiful again.
  • Don't expose tattoo to direct sun light (natural or artificial) for at least 3 weeks.
  • Don't submerge tattoo in any water other than your shower for at least 10 day's.

We ask you to stop use of any ointment after 24 hrs. Because it can attract dirt & lint to tattoo & can draw color out when used in excess. Also gooey products don't allow enough oxygen in, it needs oxygen to heal. We don't want you in chlorine water because it can "bleach" the color. ALL other water has too much bacteria-you could get a serious infection and you are sharing your body fluids with other swimmers thru your open injury.

Sun exposure on a new tattoo can impair healing, cause scarring, will cause a lot of fading and will "blur" your detail into mush. AFTER 3 WEEKS you can use a high SPF sun block (30+) on the tattoo to keep it nice.  Please DO not use these products sooner than 3 weeks of getting the tattoo.             

These are our recommendations for getting the best results from your investment. Please keep in mind this will be on you FOREVER. Please follow these care instructions so you can truly enjoy our art to you, the way we intended it to look. Please always feel free to call or email with any questions you may have regarding your tattoo.

Touch up Policy:
Every tattoo certainly doesn't need a touch up. But if you feel like yours does, our policy is: the tattoo needs to be between 30 & 90 days old. After 90 day's,  at minimum, a  supply fee will most likely be charged.