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 Sun and Tattoo's 

The sun and time are the enemies of your tattoo. The powerful ultra-violent rays (UVR) of the sun change fade, and destroy all it comes in contact with over a period of time including tattoos.

  • It takes only 1 hour of direct sunlight to ruin a new unprotected tattoo.
  • On a fresh tattoo (less than 1 year old) the sun/tanning beds can cause scaring, darkening of the pigment, blue can turn green purple into brown, and extend healing times. Of course your tattoo will not completely fade away, but it won't look anywhere near as good as it could have.
  • Sun exposure will cause blurring and loss of definition, nd most people end up paying to have the color enhanced after sun damage anyway. That can get expensive.
  • Tattoos look best on healthy non- damaged skin. They are under the skin once healed if you have to look through layers of damaged dark skin to see the work; it's not going to look its best.

Unless you're indoors, wear multi layers of clothing or in a totally light filtered area, sunrays are always present. Therefore the sun deterioration of color is always present. The ultra violet rays of the sun easily pierce through clouds and fade color. Even more so in tanning parlors where the effects of UVA and UVB rays are twice as harmful.  Sun block with UVA & UVB protection is the best way to keep your tattoo looking good for years to come.  
Chemical based sunscreen
 products are intended for use on tattoos 3 weeks old and older. Do not use on newer tattoos, permanent damage can occur.
Mineral based sunscreen can be used on tattoo's after exfoliation. So, about a week after application
Mineral based sunscreen can be used the day after micro needling. 
Mineral based sunscreen can be used on permanent make up areas after exfoliation.