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 Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (Cosmetic Tattoos) 

For many years I have provided a technique that fills in sparse areas with a less noticeable pattern of hair-stroke I tattoo in a color like your hair color. I use semi permanent pigments for this. They gradually soften then disappear over time.  Now I have completed another certification which taught me the most advanced techniques in scalp micropigmentation also known as SMP. This technique simulates the look of the hair follicle not a single hair. It's very effective in covering areas of baldness or camouflaging scalp scars. 

This advanced procedure is  the most current and best way to simulate natural hair follicle. It can be for men or women with thinning hair. And looks amazing on men who are bald but want to look more like a close shave.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, I do recommend a consultation prior. There can be many variables between people including scalp issues or scaring that needs to be addressed prior to pigment application.  If you are a candidate and need all over Scalp Micropigmentation, you can expect no discomfort during application and no downtime for recovery. Although, some special care is given during the first 10 days. There are multiple applications over time to achieve desired density. But that's it.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Info

As any specialty service. SMP is not inexpensive. Much knowledge, training, and specific needles and pigment must be used in order to give you the best results possible. It takes time to complete each session as well. The most effective coverage, blending and natural look will come from a layered application. The surface is completely gone over each session but the over lapping "follicle" create a more natural look on the scalp. Sessions ideally will be spaces 1- 3 months apart. Once all sessions are complete a person can have color up to 10 years. But will require life long up keep. The amount of that up-keep over time is dependent on your over all health and lifestyle. Sun is a major culprit of fading, so getting into the habit of using sunscreen is a must.  

Females often need this service due to hormonal changes. But, hormones can actually impair the color retention. So, getting them balanced before trying SMP may be a good idea. 

About anyone in good health is a candidate. It does not hurt due to the tiny needles used to apply the color. There is little to no downtime during healing. I would not recommend work out or swimming for about 5 days after a session. Shampooing is not recommended for that time as well. And now is a good time to assess products anyway. Most of us use too much cleanser on our scalps anyway!