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Skin Color - Tattoo Camouflage

Having any obvious areas of pigment loss can make you feel self conscious. You don't have to! I can help.
Sometimes we lose our skins pigment. Color can be replaced via tattooing in many instances. Scars and stretch marks work the best.. Color can be added to areas that are completely de-pigmented such as from tattoo laser removal too. Sometimes even vitiligo, although that doesn't always work. 

Any de-pigmented skin has more trouble holding color due to the absence of melanin. Normally that helps the color "stick". When there is nothing there to bind to, the color can come back out. Often tattooing the area twice, or micro-needling it once or twice will help it stay. Creating texture in the skin,  giving the pigment something to bind to.  Sessions must be a minimum of 30 days a part. 
If your scaring is large, or your stretch marks are deep. A few sessions of micro-needling, spaced 30 days apart, may be done to break it down and flatten it out. This works amazingly well in just a few visits. 
In order for scars or stretch marks  to to be colored, they need to be lighter in color to the surrounding area. (Hypo-pigmented)
If the area has become darker (hyper-pigmented) that can be harder or sometimes impossible to correct.
Often micro-needling can be used to prep the area for color. 
Micro- needling  works best for caucasian skin. Unfortunately, some ethnic skin & some just, ethnic backgrounds can hyperpigment more with needling or even coloring a scar or stretch mark.  It can be used successfully to break down scar tissue on ethnic skin & even keloid areas.  But,one has to decide if it does darken, will that be better than a big scar?
A test spot can be done for anyone on any area for a small fee if you are concerned in the least of how your skin may react, please schedule that with me. 

If you are torn with doing micro needling or adding color. Please set up a consultation so I can advise.  For stretch marks, I really think adding color is the fastest path to camouflage. The color sort of acts as a micro-needling over a few times.
For scars, most cases, it is works well to micro needle it first, let that heal 30 days. Then either micro or then add color. 
Micro-needling scars or stretch marks is  $165 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. I can do Roughly a 6x6" space
Coloring in stretch marks or scars is $165 an hour, with a $165 minimum.
Additional visits - pricing remains the same. A minimum of 2 visits is to be expected
Touch ups on cosmetic work are a predicted need. 

The process used to pigment the skin is not a one-step process. Soft tints of color (pigment) are tattooed into the skin one layer at a time over multiple visits, with a minimum one-month period between each visit. These pigments must “shine up through” scars, thin skin, grafts, and other irregularities. For this reason, repigmentation and color re-creation often require multiple visits of up to a year to simulate natural skin tones. While these injected tones may from time-to-time simulate to the exact color and tone desired, it will not always be a perfect match. This is since while natural skin tones vary when cold or warm, tan, or untanned, or whether your circulation is good or poor, injected pigments are permanent and do not change color. This is since the pigment is placed under the skin and is affected by the ever-changing tones of epidermis. This is what sets “Permanent Makeup” & cosmetic color apart from regular topical cosmetics, which are placed on top of the skin and literally cover epidermis.

Since this is a tattooing process, it carries with its possible complications and consequences associated with this type of cosmetic procedure. In ethnic skin types, hyper pigmentation is a possibility. If you are unsure if this is for you- please check with your physician.  These complications include but are not limited to infection, scarring, inconsistent color, spreading, fanning, hyper-pigmentation (especially if exposed to UV) fading, or an allergic reaction to the pigment. I acknowledge this and accept responsibility for any adverse reactions I may have.

If you desire this procedure, it is imperative that you do not expose your re-pigmented skin, unprotected to direct sunlight, use tanning beds or any products that increase melanin production in the skin. This is particularly critical during the first 8 weeks following treatment.

It is recommended to use of sunscreens with a min 30 SPF on your completed exposed re-pigmentation, to maintain the integrity of the pigments, but only after work has exfoliated. Prior to that, keep out of direct sun and tanning beds. Mineral based sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the best & preferred over chemical and should be used daily moving forward. 
Changes may or may not be correctable such as pigment changes and darkening, scarring or hyper-pigmentation. It is a risk you must assume if trying this. 
It is remarkable adn works well for many many people. But as any cosmetic proceedure, there can be risk & unpredictable results associated with the process. 


Stretch Marks Micro-needled only

Stretch Marks Micro-needled only

Before and after stretch marks micro-needled only- no color tattooed in. 
This is just a personal choice. It takes at least 3 sessions one month apart to get them broken down and smoothed out, better color too. 
Both adding color and or needling work. It's up to the individual which one (or both) they should do. 
Because the tattoo color will not change, If you cannot start using sunscreen anytime you are outside, you may only want to needle. Because if you do not use sunscreen,the skin will darken but the tattoo ink will not..... 
The cost is $165 minimum per area, per the hour or body part. So 2 arms = 2 areas. Abdominal areas are typically hourly. With a one hour minimum.