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Skin Color - Tattoo Camouflage

Having any obvious areas of pigment loss can make you feel self conscious. You don't have to! I can help.
Sometimes we loose our skins pigment. Color can be replaced via tattooing in most situations. Scars and stretch marks work the best.. Color can be added to areas that are completely de-pigmented such as from tattoo laser removal or vitiligo. The latter, have more trouble holding color due to the absence of melanin in the skin. Normally that helps the color "stick" when there is nothing there to bind to, the color can come back out. Often tattooing the area twice, will help it stay. The small amount of scar tissue that is formed during the first session, gives the pigment something to bind to.  Sessions must be a minimum of 30 days a part. If this is needed it is not a touch up but a second visit, since it's need is anticipated. 
In order for this process to work, the area to be colored, needs to have gone lighter in color to the surrounding area. (Hypopigmented) If the area has become darker (hyperpigmented) that can be harder to correct. But, often micro-needling can be used to lighten the area.  
Micro needling for lightening too, but,  works best for caucasian skin. Unfortunately, ethnic skin can hyperpigment more with needling. A test spot can be done for anyone on any area for a small fee. 
If you are torn with doing micro needling or adding color. Please set up a consultation so I can advise. Some need both actually. For stretch marks, I really think adding color is the fastest path to camouflage. For scars sometimes it is best to micro needle it first, let that heal, then add color. 
Prices for this work vary on the need but basically, Micro-needling a 6x6 area is $125 per hour.
Coloring in stretch marks or scars is $150 an hour, with a $150 minimum. 


Flexible Utilization
Stretch Marks Micro-needled only

Stretch Marks Micro-needled only

Before and after stretch marks micro-needled only- no color tattooed in. 
This is just a personal choice. It takes at least 3 sessions one month apart to get them broken down and smoothed out, better color too. 
Both adding color and or needling work. It's up to the individual which one (or both) they should do. 
Because the tattoo color will not change, If you cannot start using sunscreen anytime you are outside, you may only want to needle. Because if you do not use sunscreen,the skin will darken but the tattoo ink will not.....