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 Microneedling to Improve Scars 

Microneedling is a controlled injury with very small tattoo needles with no pigment. The injury caused forces the body to heal. It also causes the body to engage fibroblast, which builds collagen. This repairs scars and stretch marks really well and can repigment skin in many cases.

I learned the technique in 2005 in mastectomy repair classes.  At that time it was still called dry needling.  That is also a term used in acupuncture, so now in our industry it is Microneedling.  I  started using it then and moving forward on many types of scars. I always offer this in Areola and 3d nipple color and you can see more examples of it on that page.  In 2011, I took an additional class in microneedling, using the technique for facial rejuvenation.  Please see my page on that as well Microneedling for Rejuvenation

Prices are based on individual need but start at $175