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 Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows 

Eyebrow tattooing is the most requested permanent makeup service. No wonder! They are so hard to draw on yourself, they never stay on and pencil can look artificial.  Although not maintenance free forever, tattooing them eliminates the need to do so or worry about it all the time for about 3-5 years. 

I prefer to do all brows using the hair-stroke technique as shown here. Each individual hair is actually a tattoo. It's softer and more natural looking. A variety of colors are available to choose from.

My process is superior to micro-blading in many ways. Be careful, many pepole have recently become "experts" in micro blading. A process where brows are applied by hand with a tool like an exacto knife. I use a soft machine that will not allow me to go to deep or "cut" you. Safe. Eyebrow tattooing is less damaging than microblading and it ages much better. 

Treat yourself & schedule an appointment today!  I hope you enjoy the Before & After Gallery below. My pictures are of actual healed results for a truer depiction of what you are getting. 

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