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Appointment Policy & Pricing

If you are unsure if you need an appointment. Don't hesitate to contact us, or stop in and talk about it.  You are welcome to email pictures too for pricing & questions. For most custom things, we'll do a consult with you first. Take some time to create some art for you, then schedule an appointment. 
Some things we can tattoo the same day. We try our best to accomodate you in a timely manner, but also want to give you our best work. 


Appointment Policy

  • First off- I NEVER want any one to loose a deposit. I'd prefer not to take one at all. But unfortunately it's a necessary part of this industry. 
  • Everything shouldn't revolve around money. But, this is a business, and we do this work as our job/living. It's our sole income, so our time is as valuable as yours. Sometimes more. If you are on salary and you miss an hour or two of work- you still get paid. We don't.
    Our living only comes in when you do. 
     In order to ensure that we are properly compensated for our time, and in effort to avoid missed appointments, we do take a 1/2 down deposit on all appointments.
     If you only miss an hour, you have impacted the schedule. Your hour may have been part of a 4 hour time frame wanted by another. So, then we didn't loose just your hour. We lost a 4 hour spot for another client. Never thought about it that way did you?
  • For custom work, it will likely be necessary for you to come for a consult, and have some art work created before scheduling. For people coming in from out of town, depending on complexity of the art, we often do this via email and phone.
    Because it takes a lot of time to research subject matter and draw your special design. We have to charge. Drawing fee's average $50 and come off the cost of the tattoo when you get it. But, sometimes for big project or very detailed designs that could be more. 
  • Once the tattoo design, size, placement and price are established we can schedule your appointment -these variables allow us to know  how  much time to schedule for your session. This has to be determined by us. All artist work at different speeds. 
  • Permanent Makeup service times are pre-determined by Nikki & most all are done in 1 hour sessions. Click here for pricing.
  • The studio does require a deposit of ½ the total cost on all appointments. The balance is paid after services are rendered. Work being done by the hour requires a one hour deposit minimum, up to half the time you book for. 
  • This deposit is taken to ensure you understand and respect our time constraints. This deposit is non-Non-refundable if you do not give a 48 hour (before your appointment time) notice of cancellation. You can do that by the phone no. and or the email.
  • We do allow a one time courtesy re-schedule on non-missed appointments. This needs to be done prior to 48 hrs before the appt. &  at time of cancellation or we will refund the deposit and you'll need to start process over when you are sure of your schedule.  
  • Same day appointments are non-refundable & no re-schedule. Please be sure you will be available for the time you agreed to.
  • You will loose your deposit if you are more than 15 minuets late of your scheduled time or if you don't show up at all or we can't work because you have no ID.  ID REQUIRED each time you come in.
    The ID must be a State issued ID, Military ID, or a Passport. This is NC Law, not mine. 

I understand that sometimes things happen that are out of your control. But please try to be considerate of our time and other clients time. We are committing our time to you please commit your time to us.
PHOTO ID REQUIRED EVERY TIME SERVICES PROVIDED and please be respectful of the no one under 18 policy. 


I try and have prices that are fair to us and our clients.
Price shopping is not the best way to choose an artist. Cheap rarely means good quality in anything-tattoos are no exception. And please people, learn the lesson-if someones tattooing from there house ( or coming to yours) they simply are not a professional, & will not give you a professional quality tattoo. 1/2 my living comes from fixing or covering up home done tattoos....just don't do it. The $100 you save you'll spend 5 to 10x that amount to fix or cover. I promise. 

Prices for tattoos are established by time , size, complexity, estimated supplies used, and body placement.
The shop minimum for anything starts with a  $60 fee for basic supplies that keep you safe. A work station set up with all brand new disposables to keep your health safe, including all brand new needles,. A clean dressing when you leave, and piece of mind your tattoo was applied in the most sanitary conditions possible by an artist permitted by Mecklenburg Co. Environmental Health. Don't let your "home tattooist" tell you they have one...Its only good in the tattoo establishment it was issued in. 

Jewels starting rate is the $60

My rate starts at a $125 minimum. That is also my hourly rate for ongoing work.
I can give a set price on tattoos that take under 3-5 hours. These can be a little more than pieces done by the hour, depending on placement and the work involved.  About everything I do is going to be based on this  hourly rate.  I can give a very close time estimate of how long it will take to complete,  so it's not like an open ended thing & you don't know how much it will be. Also, when I start a drawing for a tattoo, I'll ask you what kind of price range you want to stay in.

For permanent make-up prices click here.

I have tattooed now for over 25 years and really prefer to focus on custom pieces. That doesn't mean something you bring in wont be tattooed. But, I may suggest some personalization if I see it could use it. 

Nikki's Tattoo Studio is  not a walk in street shop trying to bang out 100 tattoos a week (been there/done that). I don't want people to feel like they are being rushed in & out...a tattoo is a very important addition to you, and should be given time. Not rushed. 

I just want to focus on fun creative tattoos now. That's what makes me happy.- Making my clients happy & doing cool tattoos.  Jewel is following that thought right along.